ZurichZurich is the largest city in Switzerland and also the most important in economic, scientific and social terms. Some 1.15 million people live in the conurbation of Zurich and within the metropolitan area it increases to 1.66 million. Like Geneva it is built on the edge of a lake. The city straddles the river Limmat at its junction with Zurichsee. It is on the west bank that most of Zurich’s business and commercial activity takes place and this is also the city’s main shopping area.

Zurich is Switzerland’s German-speaking business and banking centre and the retail offer reflects the wealth generated by this sector. All the major designer names have a presence in Zurich. Many of the most expensive boutiques are on the elegant Bahnhofstrasse, a 1.4 km long street with 140 units. There are also less exclusive high street names on Bahnhofstrasse and some 87% of the stores are occupied by multiple retailers.

Every day more than 100,000 people pass along the street and more than 400,000 travelers per day use Zurich’s main station.

As a result of the retail sales productivity potential on Bahnhofstrasse stands at more than 100,000 CHF and up to 225,000CHF per sq.m, increasing numbers of international retailers and brands are attracted to the location.



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BAHNHOFSTRASSE: 47.373681, 8.538523
NIEDERDORF AND LIMMATQUAI: 47.372722, 8.543801
LANGSTRASSENQUARTIER: 47.376269, 8.526672
ZÜRICH-WEST AND AUSSERSIHL : 47.375000, 8.527000
Rennweg, Strehlgasse and Münsterhof : 47.372983, 8.539639
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The Langstrasse area is the center of the creative, trendsetting part of Zurich. It is the home of design, inventiveness and originality. In this, Zurich’s most colorful and diverse district, you can find for example in Ankerstrasse, hats, shoes, accessories, jewelry, furniture and numerous other attractive products. In total, around 70 labels are located here. Many studios are also here with a small shop attached - for example Collenberg/Ponicanova, the Label Beige and Lilli Tulipan.
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Rennweg, Strehlgasse and Münsterhof

International brands also occupy good positions on the side streets leading off Bahnhofstrasse such as Rennweg, Strehlgasse and Münsterhof.
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In the daytime this pedestrian area is popular with its many small hidden shops attracting people to stroll, shop or pause over a drink or a meal. The abundance of small bars, restaurants and shops make the Limmat area an attractive location. More and more international brands in the mid to lower price range are located here. At night, the Niederdorf area with its bars, cafes and street performers turns into a party zone for a colorful crowd.
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Often you find Zurich labels where you never expected to. Creative ideas are quickly translated into products in Zurich and are very warmly welcomed. The creative industry is booming. This is particularly evident in the trendy districts of Zurich West and Aussersihl where creative people have taken root often in former factories. New galleries, restaurants, bars and clubs are constantly being opened. Textile and furniture designers, jewelry and fashion designers, architects and graphic designers have their studios and shops in this area.
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Zurich's retail offer is very broad. International fashion brands can be found mainly on Bahnhofstrasse, the street which has contributed most to Zurich's reputation as a shopping paradise. Today in Fröschengraben, an historic former canal, numerous international brands, jewelry, watch and department stores are located. The further along Bahnhofstrasse the more exclusive the boutiques become with expensive clothing brands, accessories, jewelry and watches down towards the lake. Side by side brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Hugo Boss and Gucci are represented. Watch brands such as Rolex, Chopard, Blancpain, IWC Schaffhausen and Patek Philippe are to be found mainly in the vicinity of Paradeplatz.

Bahnhofstrasse-Hauptbahnhof (commercial area)Tourists, many local business people, local shoppersSwarovski, H&M, Fielmann, Apple, Globus, JemoliL’Occitane, DosenbachCHF7,000 - 8,000/sq.m50 - 2,000 sq.m
Bahnhofstrasse-Paradeplatz (luxury area)Tourists, many local business people, local shoppersChanel, Fogal, Navyboot, Hugo Boss, Burberry, Tod’s, Cartier, OmegaIWC Schaffhausen, SwatchCHF7,000 - 8,000/sq.m50 - 2,000 sq.m
Bahnhofstrasse-See (luxury area)Tourists, many local business people, local shoppersConfiserie Sprüngli, Armani, Bulgari, Loro Piana, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermès, Jimmy Choo, TürlerPiagetCHF8,000 - 9,000/sq.m50 - 2,000 sq.m
Rennweg / Strehlgasse / Storchengasse / MünsterhofTourists, many local business people, local shoppersKookaï, Lacoste, Amercian Apparel, Geox, Max Mara, Prada, MonclerPomellatoCHF3,000 - 4,000/sq.m50 - 500 sq.m
Niederdorf / LimmatquaiTourists, many local business people, local shoppersAddidas, Buffalini, Company’s, Vera Moda, H&M, NavybootChicorée, Burger KingCHF1,300 - 1,800/sq.m50 - 500 sq.m
LangstrassenquartierTourists, many local business people, local shoppersCHF300 - 800/sq.m50 - 500 sq.m

Data as of August 2012

The range of food and beverage outlets in Zurich is as diverse as the city itself, whether this is dining in the best gourmet restaurants located in historic guild houses or enjoying an open-air meal. Innovative ideas are quickly adapted and offered to the diner. For instance Europe’s first vegetarian restaurant, Hiltl, was established in Zurich as was the well-known and often copied Dunkelrestaurant Blinde Kuh, where blind and partially sighted staff serve delicious food in complete darkness.

In the former industrial districts of Zurich, creative “culinary artists” have taken advantage of the empty buildings to create the restaurant space in which to develop their innovative ideas. Behind these old walls, old and new are joined; industrial charm meets contemporary design and with cuisines from around the world.

In the picturesque old city, there are numerous restaurants particularly in Neumarkt, Florhof and Rosengarten. There are a number of terraced garden restaurants with breathtaking views of the city and Lake Zurich or waterside restaurants.

Kreis 1 Many business people, local residents touristsKaufleuten, Hiltl, ZeughauskellerN/A
Kreis 4 Many business people, local residents touristsVolkshaus, Helvetia, Italia, Caduff’s WeinloftN/A
Kreis 5 Many business people, local residents touristsLa Salle, les Halles, Restaurant Josef, Casa AurelioN/A
Kreis 6 Many business people, local residentsKreis 6, Mesa, Didi’s Frieden, Casa FerlinN/A
Kreis 8 Many business people, local residentsRestaurant Conti, Fischerstube Zürihorn, Totò, Yoshi’sN/A

Data as of August 2012