WarsawThe capital city of Poland, Warsaw is the political and economic hub of the country and is home to many national institutions and government agencies, as well as many domestic and international companies. There are approximately 1.74 million people living in the city and 2.56 milion in the metropolitan area of Warsaw. The spending power of its inhabitants (€11, 222, per person per annum) exceeds the national average by 82%. Due to high wages (twice as high as the country average) and the low level of unemployment, the consumer market is particularly important.

Warsaw has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Poland at 3.4% level, according to the official figures. An advantage of Warsaw is its labour market. Nearly 40% of Warsaw’s population has a university degree (twice higher than the national average). Warsaw’s job market attracts young people from across Poland.

The Warsaw agglomeration represents the largest Polish retail market in terms of supply, which currently surpasses 1.2 million sq.m of shopping centre space. The vacancy rate in Warsaw’s shopping centers continues to remain very low and close to 1%, that is the lowest ratio amongst the largest country’s agglomerations.

Warsaw’s prime shopping area includes a number of key streets (Chmielna Street, Nowy Swiat, Marszalkowska Street, Jerozolimskie Avenue). Aside from older buildings, retail space is often found in new multi- purpose buildings, usually on their lower floors.

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Nowy Swiat: 52.233407, 21.019404
Marszałkowska Street: 52.232504, 21.010151
PLAC TRZECH KRZYZY : 52.228713, 21.022504
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Nowy Swiat is approximately one km long and has high pedestrian flows. It runs from from Plac Trzech Krzyzy northwards, intersecting Aleje Jerozolimskie and Swietokrzyska Street. Nowy Swiat is the prime street in Warsaw and historic throughfares and appeals to a predominantly mass market. Retailers such as Sephora, Orsay, Nesspresso, Swatch, Diverse, Zegna, Escada, Boss, Burberry, Max Mara, Empik and Lacoste are represented.
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Plac Trzech Krzyzy and its surroundings including Vitkac fashion house is a location that appeals to more upscale retailers in Warsaw, outside of the shopping centres. Retailers such as Ermenegildo Zegna, Burberry or W. Kruk have representation.
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Marszalkowska is one of the central Warsaw streets. It has a great trading tradition with one of the oldest post-war departments stores present there: Wars Sawa Junior. It is a perfect location for mass market brands as it is a communication hub comprising trams, buses (both city and suburban) and the subway stops. The average monthly footfall is around 6,000,000 people. Behind Wars Sawa Junior building there is also a direct link to Nowy Swiat street though Chmielna street.

Shopping Centers of Warsaw

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arkadia: 52.257373, 20.984583
zLote tarasy: 52.230172, 21.004026
GALERIA MOKOTOW: 52.179546, 21.004387
PROMENADA: 52.231690, 21.105075
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Galeria Mokotów is located some distance from the city centre but due to the multiple office building surroundings, high spending power in the area and the vicinity of Warsaw southern suburban districts it is in one of the best performing shopping centres in Warsaw.
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Promenada shopping centre is located on the other side of Vistula river which divides Warsaw. This is the younger part of Warsaw, however it is considered the less affluent one. Currently the scheme is being extended. Recently, in March 2016 a new retail space of 3,500 sq m GLA was opened and another part of enlargemet is scheduled for late 2016.
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Arkadia is one of the top three shopping centres in Warsaw, next to Zlote Tarasy and Galeria Mokotów. It opened in November 2004 and very quickly became one of the top footfall locations in Poland (with around 20 million visitors annually).
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Zlote Tarasy is located in the strict business centre of Warsaw and has a direct connection with "Warszawa Centralna" railway station. This is a multi-level location: three levels of regular retail plus a -1 level with a supermarket and services and an additional level where the cinema is located. It has very good access by means of public transport.

Galeria Połnocna
Total Size (Sq.m) 64,000
- Retail GLA60,000
- Leisure/Entertainment GLA4,000
Planned Opening Date Q2 2017
Consumer Profile Family shopping and entertainment
Description A new shopping and leisure centre in the residential district of Bialoleka in the northern part of Warsaw.


A new shopping and leisure centre is being developed by GTC in the northern part of Wrasaw, within Bialoleka residential district. The scheme of 64,000 sq m GLA with 250 retail and services units is currently under construction and its opening is scheduled for 2017. The leasing rate is at 60% level with the main anchors of Carrefour hypermarket, LPP Group, H&M, Empik, Smyk and Cinema City as a cinema operator. Car park will provide 2,300 spaces.

Nowy SwiatMass marketTchibo, Frey Wille, Orsay, Sephora, Empik, H&M, GrycanTiger60-120 € / sq.m / month50-1500sq.m
Marszalkowska StreetMass marketH&M, C&A, Zara, TK Maxx, Sephora, M&SHour Passion50-100€ / sq.m / month50-4000 sq.m
Plac Trzech KrzyzyAffluent, luxury brand seekers.Ermenegildo Zegna, Burberry60-80€ / sq.m / month50-400 sq.m
ArkadiaMass marketCarrefour, Leroy Merlin, Cinema City, H&M, Marks & Spencer, C&A, P&C, Saturn, Mango, Inditex Gr., LPP Gr.Superdry50-100 € / sq.m / monthAll sizes
Zlote TarasyMass marketCarrefour Express, Saturn, Multikino, Go Sport, M&S, Van Graaf, Intersport, H&M, Inditex Gr., Smyk, LPP Gr.Top Shop50-100 € sq.m / monthAll sizes
Galeria MokotówMass market + high endCarrefour, Cinema City, H&M, Euro AGD RTV, P&C, Go Sport, Inditex Gr., LPP Gr.Skechers50-70 € / sq.m / monthAll sizes
PromenadaMass market + high endGo Sport, Alma, Cinema City, H&M, Reserved, Zara30-45 € / sq.m / monthAll sizes

Data as of March 2016

Warsaw features a big variety of fast foods and restaurants to suit all budgets and tastes from traditional Polish to more international cuisine from all corners of the world. There are also a big number of individual restaurants for more affluent customers, many of them located in the city centre, along Nowy Swiat street which is one of the main retail streets but in reality half of the tenants are cafes and restaurants.

International fast food operators such as McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut are represented in large numbers. Burger Kings and Subway are also represented. From the coffee shop sector, Costa Coffee, Starbucks and Green Cafe Nero are the main players.

The Old Town and areas such as pl. Trzech Krzyzy, ul. Nowy Swiat, ul. Chmielna, Krakowskie Przedmiescie are the key areas for food and beverage operators, particularly cafés. The Old Town quarter was reconstructed after the Second World War and on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Its main square (Rynek Starego Miasta) is home to a number of restaurants and cafes.

Nowy SwiatLocals, touristsStarbucks, Costa Coffee, McDonald’s80-100 €/sq.m/month
Old Town TouristsNumerous independentsN/A
Plac Trzech KrzyzyLocalsStarbucks, independents50-70 €/sq.m/month
Chmielna streetLocals, touristsMount Blanc, Sybway, independents50-80 €/sq.m/month
Krakowskie PrzedmiescieLocals, touristsKFC, Costa Coffee, E.Wedel60-100 €/sq.m/month

Data as of March 2016

Warsaw Contacts

Renata Kusznierska

Senior Director, Head of Retail Agency
Direct: +48 (22) 820 20 20
Fax    : +48 (22) 820 20 21
Mobile: +48  606 886 888