The Hague

The-HagueThe Hague is the third largest city of the Netherlands with approximately 508,940 inhabitants (municipality of The Hague). While Amsterdam is the capital of the country, The Hague is home to the national government and International Court of Justice, and therefore annually attracts many international visitors. Its total retail floor space totals approximately 482,650 sq.m (excluding scattered solitary retail units). This equates to 0.94 sq.m per capita, which is below the national average of 1.13 sq.m per capita.

Approximately 741,720 people live in a ten kilometer catchment area from the city centre stretching to include residents of Delft, Leidschendam, Wassenaar and Zoetermeer. However, as a result of the relatively short distances between the different cities not all of the 741,720 inhabitants can be exclusively attributed to the catchment area of The Hague. Indeed, competition with nearby located municipalities and shopping centres is fierce. Among others, two large shopping centres, Leidsenhage in Leidschendam and In de Boogaard in Rijswijk, are located in relatively close proximity of The Hague, which puts some pressure on the city centre´s retail market. Nevertheless, over the past years the city centre has attracted various swell-known international retailers. Among others Primark and Marks & Spencer signed lease agreements for stores in the city centre of The Hague, both in new retail developments in the centre. Such developments are the main market trends in The Hague at the moment, with various recent completions and some projects still under construction in the area of the Grote Marktstraat.




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SPUISTRAAT: 52.077611, 4.312228
GROTE MARKTSTRAAT: 52.076595, 4.312183
WAGENSTRAAT: 52.075734, 4.312177
VLAMINGSTRAAT: 52.076624, 4.310079
VENESTRAAT: 52.077420, 4.309798
HOOGSTRAAT: 52.078759, 4.308947
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The Spuistraat is the main shopping street in The Hague and registers the highest footfall of the city. The street hosts many well-known (inter)national brands. However, as a result of the developments taking place and completed on the Grote Marktstraat as well as the development of the Haagse Passage, it is uncertain what part of the Spuistraat will become the main area for retailers in the next years.
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The Grote Marktstraat is an important shopping street that is located south of the Spuistraat. The street is characterized by the relatively large retail units and the shopping centre Spuimarkt. Furthermore the Haagse Passage shopping passage was completed in 2014 which now forms a passage between the Grote Marktstraat and Spuistraat and leads into the historic Haagse Passage shopping centre.
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The Wagenstraat its high footfall is mainly caused by its function as historic main link between the Grote Marktstraat and the Spuistraat. Furthermore an important entrance to the department store de Bijenkorf is located on the part of the Wagenstraat that is located just of the Grote Marktstraat.
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The Vlamingstraat is located adjacent to the Spuistraat. The street has a mix of international and national retailers and leads towards the Grote Markt, one of the main squares in the city for catering services.
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The Venestraat is located adjacent to the Wagenstraat. The street has a mix of both domestic and foreign retailers and has a stable and high footfall. The Venestraat leads towards the Hoogstraat, a street that is characterized by occupiers in the segment just above the mass market retailers and some luxury retailers.
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The Hoogstraat is located just outside the core shopping area of The Hague. Nevertheless, the footfall is high and stable, mainly because of the more luxury retail offer in the street. Well known retailers in the Hoogstraat are among others Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss.

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Spuimarkt: 52.076673, 4.312451
De Haagse Passage / De Nieuwe Haagse Passage: 52.067121, 4.324543
Leyweg: 52.046618, 4.278980
De Savornin Lohmanplein: 52.067174, 4.245394
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Shopping centre Spuimarkt is located in the city centre of The Hague, on the Grote Marktstraat. The shopping centre is occupied by well-known retailers such as Albert Heijn, Bershka and Intersport, while it also comprises a Pathé cinema. Completed in 2007, the shopping centre is relatively new and offers relatively large units.
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De Haagse Passage / De Nieuwe Haagse Passage

Shopping centre De Haagse Passage is the oldest shopping centre of the Netherlands and is located in the city centre of The Hague. While the shopping centre historically consisted of a triangular shopping passage, the shopping centre was recently connected to the so-called “Nieuwe Haagse Passage”, which in practice is an extension of the existing passage towards the Grote Marktstraat. This shopping centre is occupied by among others Apple, Mango, The Sting and Starbucks.
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Shopping centre Leyweg is located in the south of the city The Hague and is one of the city´s district centres. With a variety of tenants, both in the daily- and non daily sector, the shopping centre offers multiple stores to its catchment area. Retailers include Hunkemöller, Van Haren, Blokker and Kruidvat, while the centre is also anchores by supermarkets Hoogvliet and Jumbo. Furthermore, the shopping centre is occupied by department stores Hema and Action.
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De Savornin Lohmanplein

De Savornin Lohmanplein is a shopping centre located in the west of The Hague. The shopping centre is a district centre, offering various facilities to its consumers. Tenants include among others well-known brands such as Hema, ANWB, Marskramer and Etos, while the centre is anchored by supermarkets Albert Heijn and discounter Aldi.

SpuistraatLocals / Tourists Jack & Jones, WE, Hunkemöller, Foot LockerJD Sports, MangoEUR 850 - EUR 1,30050 - 1,000 sq.m
Grote MarktstraatLocals / TouristsMedia Markt, Bijenkorf, Telfort, Mycom, DynabyteMarks & Spencer, PrimarkEUR 700 - EUR 1,00050 - 1,000 sq.m
WagenstraatLocals / TouristsH&M, Gerry Weber, P&CZaraEUR 600 - EUR 1,20050 - 1,000 sq.m
VenestraatLocals / TouristsVila, Vodafone, Yves Rocher, America TodayEUR 900 - EUR 1,20050 - 1,000 sq.m
VlamingstraatLocals / TouristsKruidvat, Adidas, Aktie Sport, Zeeman, New YorkerEUR 500 - EUR 90050 - 1,000 sq.m
HoogstraatLocals / TouristsHugo Boss, Hunkemöller, Karen Millen, Scotch & Soda, Tommy HilfigerEUR 850 - EUR 1,10050 - 1,000 sq.m
De Haagse Passage + De Nieuwe Haagse PassageLocals / TouristsThe Body Shop, Gerry Weber, Simon Lévelt, iCentreEUR 400 - EUR 85050 - 1,000 sq.m

Data as of April 2015

Buitenhof is located opposite of the Binnenhof, which is home to the national government. Buitenhof has both cafés and restaurants and sees both tourists and locals visiting the area. On Wednesdays near Buitenhof, at the Hofplaats, is a so called farmer market. Al presented goods are biological and ecological.

The Kettingstraat is located just of the Buitenhof. This small street houses some restaurants such as an Italian restaurant and an Argentinian restaurant. This street is mainly well-known by locals.

Plein is located close to the Binnenhof and is a popular place. This area is characterized by smaller units and its cosy atmosphere, although the Plein square is relatively large. This area is visited by both locals and tourists and is also popular for a night out. During the winter months, the square houses a book and antique market on Thursday. During the summer months, this market moves towards the Lange Voorhout.

Grote Markt is located in close proximity of the shopping streets Grote Marktstraat and Vlamingstraat. There are some cafés located on the square, which are mostly popular during the day.

Denneweg is a small street, located close to the Lange Voorhout. This area is well-known for its international allure. Nevertheless, there are several smaller restaurants and cafés located on this street. This area is mainly visited by locals.

The largest market of both The Hague and The Netherlands is located at the Herman Costerstraat. On Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays there are over 500 market stalls with a variying offer. The market is especially well-known for its exotic products and attracts almost 35,000 people per day.

BuitenhofTourists / LocalsPopocatepetl, Havana, McDonalsEUR 300 - EUR 400
KettingstraatLocalsLos Argentinos, Very Italian Pizza, Leuk EUR 200 - EUR 350
PleinTourists / LocalsLuden, Cloose, MillersEUR 400 - EUR 500
Grote MarktTourists / LocalsDe Zwarte Ruiter, de BoterwaagEUR 300 - EUR 400
DennewegLocalsLimon, Alexander, Dekxels, OkerEUR 150 - EUR 300

Data as of April 2015

The Hague

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