Rotterdam is the second largest city of the Netherlands. The Municipality Rotterdam has approximately 618,360 inhabitants and has the youngest population compared to the other three major cities (Amsterdam, The Hague and Utrecht). Rotterdam has a total retail floor area of approximately 723,860 sq.m. This comes down to 1.17 sq.m per capita which is slightly above the national average of 1.13 sq.m per capita.

Rotterdam has an important role in its region and attracts many visitors. Cities like Schiedam, Vlaardingen, Capelle aan den IJssel and Barendrecht can be seen as part of the primary catchment area of Rotterdam. In a ten kilometre radius reside approximately 895,810 inhabitants, which is an exceptionally high consumer potential for Dutch understandings. This consumer potential also consists, again compared to the three other major cities, of relatively young consumers.

The buildings in the inner-city of Rotterdam are relatively new as the majority of the inner-city was destroyed during the Second World War. The city therefore may not have the historic feeling that many other major cities have, but does have the advantage that its shops are generally larger than the shops in historic inner-cities. Rotterdam is increasingly a popular destination for international retailers.

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LIJNBAAN: 51.920798, 4.476894
HOOGSTRAAT: 51.920953, 4.486198
Oude Binnenweg: 51.917473, 4.474744
MEENT: 51.921985, 4.482079
COOLSINGEL: 51.921019, 4.479429
BINNENWEGPLEIN: 51.918247, 4.478326
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The Lijnbaan is the main shopping street in Rotterdam and registers the highest footfall of the city. The street hosts many well-known (inter)national brands and is popular for both locals and tourists. The Lijnbaan is well-known as a city monument, developed as a planned development after the second world war and nowadays being the main shopping street to those visitors arriving by train. The Lijnbaan connects to among others the Beurstraverse (“Koopgoot”) and Binnenwegplein, two other main shopping locations in Rotterdam.
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The Beurstraverse/Beursplein, also known as the “Koopgoot," is an important shopping street that is located below street level. The street is located at a eastern angle from the Lijnbaan and runs underneath the Coolsingel towards the Hoogstraat. The Beurstraverse is a planned development that won the price as best shopping centre in the 25 year history of the Dutch Council of Shopping Centers. Nowadays, this location is still favoured by various international occupiers, housing among others H&M and Zara.
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The Hoogstraat runs from the Koopgoot towards the Binnenrotte (square) and Markthal. The high footfall that is registered for this street comes partially from pedestrians that are heading from or towards the well-known daily market on the Binnenrotte. With the opening of Markthal an important new parking garage opened in the centre of Rotterdam. It is foreseen that this will have a positive impact on the footfall in the Hoogstraat, since consumers may now enter the centre from the parking garage at Markthal and then walk via the Hoogstraat towards both the Beursplein / Beurstraverse and the Lijnbaan.
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The Coolsingel is one of Rotterdam´s most important inner-city streets that is available for general traffic. Because of that, the “Beurstraverse (koopgoot)” was designed to run underneath the Coolsingel so consumers would not be interrupted during their shopping trip. Nevertheless, the Coolsingel also holds various retailers, with among others department store de Bijenkorf being located at the Coolsingel as well as Zara Home.
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The Binnenwegplein is located on the south side of the Lijnbaan and is well-known for the availability of large-scale retail units. Among others, Media Markt, Jack & Jones, Mango and Monki are located at this square. While it houses many well-known retailers, it is also an important connection to the Oude Binnenweg, a retail area that is more a niche market than the aforementioned mass-market retail high streets.
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Oude Binnenweg

The Oude Binnenweg is located adjacent to the high streets of Rotterdam, west of the Binnenwegplein. The street mainly attracts locals and hosts a concentration of specialist shops and niche players. Nevertheless, despite being more or less a niche retail area with mostly local retailers, well-known brands such as Adidas, Vans and Esprit are located in this location.
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The Meent is a long stretched street which crosses the inner-city from the east to the west. The street runs parallel with the high streets Hoogstraat and Beurstraverse. Retailers on Meent are, in general, independent retailers but also houses international occupiers such as Scotch & Soda, Supertrash, G-Star Raw, State of Art and Guess.

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Beurstraverse / Beursplein (“Koopgoot”): 51.920317, 4.480930
Zuidplein: 51.886466, 4.487847
Alexandrium: 51.949406, 4.554674
Beursgallery: 51.920340, 4.480533
Markthal: 51.920064, 4.486416
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Beurstraverse / Beursplein (“Koopgoot”)

Located in the heart of the city-centre, the Beurstraverse / Beursplein (“Koopgoot”) shopping centre does not necessarily feel like a shopping centre. Nevertheless, this planned development of approximately 30,000 sq.m has been recognized as a shopping centre also proven by being awarded as “best shopping centre of the country” twice (one time as best development of the year, one time as best development in 25 years) by the Dutch Council of Shopping Centers. The shopping centre houses well-known retailers such as H&M and Zara.
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Zuidplein shopping centre is one of the Netherlands´ largest shopping centre and the largest shopping centre of Rotterdam. Located in the south of the city the shopping centre houses many well-known national and international retailers. Its estimated number of visitors per week stands at 150,000, with the busiest area in the shopping centre counting approximately 32,000 visitors on an average Saturday. Occupiers include among others Hema, Jack & Jones, Vero Moda, Douglas, H&M and C&A.
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Shopping centre Alexandrium is one of the three shopping locations that is located in the northeast of Rotterdam. With a large scale retail location and a retail warehousing location located next to the shopping centre, this retail destination is one of the largest of the country. The shopping centre of 45,000 sq.m is the second largest of the city and houses well-known retailers such as C&A, H&M, Mango, Esprit and The Sting. The number of annual visitors peaks at approximately 9.4 million according to its owner, Corio.
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Shopping centre Beursgallery is located just east of the Beurstraverse / Beursplein (Koopgoot) and as such is located in the core of Rotterdam´s city centre. Constructed in 1955 and renovated in 1996, the shopping centre nowadays comprises nearly 25,000 sq.m across 6 levels. Furthermore it offers over 100 parking places for visitors to its shops: V&D and H&M.
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The most recent addition to Rotterdam´s retail market is the shopping centre Markthal. A covered food market shaped like a giant arch opened in the second half of 2014 and located just east of the Hoogstraat. Housing various food retailers, restaurants, bars and a supermarket, the Markthal is the first Dutch food market. After opening, the shopping centre with a striking appearance was a popular tourist hotspot, seeing a number of visitors of over 1 million within four weeks.

Total Size 10,000 sqm
- Retail GLA10,000 sqm
- Office GLA
- Residences
Opening Date 2014
Consumer Profile Locals and tourists
Description First large covered food hall of the Netherlands with striking appearance located in the centre of Rotterdam.

LijnbaanLocals/TouristsMango, G-Star Raw, Pull & Bear, Hugo BossJD Sports, AspactEUR 1,400 - EUR 1,80050 - 1,000 sq.m
Beurstraverse/Beursplein (Koopgoot)Locals/TouristsZara, Lacoste, H&M, Hema, GantEUR 1,200 - EUR 1,80050 - 1,000 sq.m
Beurstraverse/Beursplein (Koopgoot)Locals/TouristsVero Moda, Björn Borg, Lady Sting, The Society ShopEUR 675 - EUR 1,30050 - 1,000 sq.m
Hoogstraat Locals/TouristsV&D, Sephora, Hunkemöller, Foot LockerEUR 350 - EUR 1,25050 - 1,000 sq.m
BinnenwegpleinLocals/TouristsMango, Media Markt, New LookEUR 600 - 1,20050 - 1,000 sq.m
Oude BinnenwegLocalsEmporio Armani, Adidas, Blue Blood, Sissy-BoyEUR 250 - 60050 - 1,000 sq.m
CoolsingelLocals/Touristsde Bijenkorf, C&A, Zara HomeEUR 350 - EUR 60050 - 1,000 sq.m

Data as of April 2015

Rotterdam has a wide variety of bars, clubs and restaurants in all price ranges. The city only has a few clusters with food & beverage establishments, overall restaurants and bars are spread over the city.

In the Pannekoekstraat area and the adjacent street Meent there is a small cluster with several bars and restaurants. This area is a popular area for the younger and trendy crowd. Dudok, Bagels & Beans, Picknick and BED are well-known places in this area. Many of the bars serve a simple lunch and/or dinner and turn into bars at night.

In the Scheepvaartkwartier, which is one of the more historic areas of Rotterdam, there are many more high-end restaurants. A well-known restaurant in this area is Z&M which is located adjacent to the beautiful historic Veerhaven (harbor). Other restaurants in the Scheepvaartkwartier are Zinq, Loos, Zeezout, La Pizza.

Two smaller clusters are the Noordplein area where establishments like Destino and Lof der Zoetheid are located and the Witte de Withstraat which offers a variety of bars, cafes and restaurants. Well-known places in the Witte de Withstraat are Bagel Bakery, Gusto, Café Hopper, Bazar, Oliva, Rodin, De Eendracht.

There are four restaurants in Rotterdam with a Michelin star. The most famous one is Parkheuvel which has two Michelin stars. Another Famous restaurant with a Michelin star is Restaurant Ivy (one Michelin star), this restaurant experiments with so-called molecular cooking. The two other restaurants, that both have one Michelin star are Fred and Amarone.

Rotterdam also has a small Chinatown; this area is located nearby the city centre around the West-Kruiskade, Kruisplein and Schouwburgplein. Next to several large Chinese and Asian restaurants there are also some Asian supermarkets and shops in this area.

A new trend in Rotterdam is the pop-up restaurants, which open for only a short period. Then the concept stops or they move on to another location. Data as of April 2015

Pannekoekstraat/Meent area LocalsAmarone, Dudok, Bagels & Beans, Picknick, Mimosa, LevelEUR 250 - EUR 350
ScheepvaartkwartierLocalsZinq, Loos, Zeezout, La Pizza, Z&M, Parkheuvel, Smaak, La StanzaEUR 200 - EUR 300
Chinatown LocalsChina Town Fastfood, De Lange Muur, Yamato, Kiem Foei, DadoEUR 150 - EUR 250
Noordplein areaLocalsDestino, Lof der Zoetheid, Tony´s Place, Hoi FaEUR 200 - EUR 300
Witte de WithstraatLocalsBagel Bakery, Gusto, Café Hopper, Bazar, Oliva, Rodin, De Eendracht, Toko94EUR 200 - EUR 300

Data as of April 2015

Rotterdam Contacts


Partner, Head of Retail Agency
Atrium 3rd floor, Strawinskylaan 3125
1077 ZX Amsterdam
Tel: +3120 (800) 2035
Mob: +3161 (093) 0908