OsloOslo is Norway’s only real city by international standards and for a capital it is relatively low key.  It is the oldest capital city in Scandinavia.  The modern city centre was built in the 19th century and  boasts wide streets, parks, solid 19th century buildings and long classical vistas. The city is located at the head of the 100-kilometre Oslofjord. The fjord’s 40 islands are used for recreation, and many of them can be reached by ferry.  

Oslo is by far the most sophisticated retail centre in Norway as it is the only city large enough (the population of Oslo and its suburbs is 1,484,823) to support a full range of retailing.  Retail spending in the city is higher than the national average and the city itself absorbs around 43.6% of total national retail sales.




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KARL JOHANS GATE: 59.913072, 10.741323
BOGSTADVEIEN: 59.927341, 10.720024
AKERSGATA: 59.914115, 10.742729
STEEN & STRØM MAGASIN: 59.911713, 10.743125
BYPORTEN : 59.911770, 10.751551
OSLO CITY : 59.912643, 10.751685
AKER BRYGGE: 59.909922, 10.725038
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Karl Johans gate

Karl Johangate extends from the Central Station to the castle and is one of the main shopping streets in Oslo.  It is dominated by high volume retailers in the fashion and accessories market, including Zara, H&M, Aldo, Gina Tricot and the various brands of the Norwegian Varner gruppen, as well as luxury brand shops like Louis Vuitton, and Hermes.  The partly pedestrianised street includes many of Oslo’s tourist attractions and has a high footfall.  The shopping center Eger with the high end department store Høyer is also located on Karl Johans gate, and is home to 25 shops, with an emphasis on designer clothing and accessories. Oslo's largest book store, Tanum is also located at Karl Johan within the department store Paleet. Karl Johans Gate also features one of Norway's most prominent hotels, the Grand hotel, as well as the Norwegian parliament, the cathedral, and a number of restaurants and bars.
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Bogstadveien which is situated slightly further from the city centre, caters for the more upmarket shopper.  It complements the luxury and high fashion boutiques that are also located in Stortingsgata and Karl Johans gate.  It is dominated by fashion, including flagship stores of international fashion brands such as H&M, Monsoon, Benetton and Zara to the more exclusive designer boutiques such as Norwegian stores Koma and Kamikaze, which both serve as luxury multi-brand retailers for brands such as Valentino, Gucci and Prada. Moods of Norway and Lacoste also have stores in the street.
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Luxury goods retailers such as Louis Vuitton, Mulberry, Tiedemann (watches), jeweler David-Andersen, Follestad and as well as high fashion boutiques, are located in the city centre in Akersgata, the pedestrianised street behind the parliament building. A high-end shopping centre (Eger) opened recently at Egertorget, and is the most exclusive shopping-centre in Oslo. This shopping centre is located right across the street from David-Andersen.
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Steen & Strøm is one of Oslo’s oldest department stores situated on a side street off Karl Johansgate.  It has been newly renovated and has a number of fashion shops with famous brands as well as floors dedicated to cosmetics and interior design. At the top of the building there is an outdoor cafe and nightclub with views across the city centre.
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Byporten Shopping is next to Oslo Central Station (Oslo S). It includes around 60 shops, a Scandic Hotel and Norway’s largest Egon Restaurant
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Just across the street from the Central Station, Oslo City is one of Norway's most popular shopping centres. The centre has over 90 shops and restaurants, including most major international and Norwegian chains, spread across five floors. It has a GLA of 19,430 sq.m and a turnover of €214.7 million (2010).
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Aker Brygge

Aker Brygge is a mixed use centre on the waterfront.  It has over 60 stores and 35 restaurants.  By 2015 Aker Brygge will have been totally refurbished to create a modern interior along with a revitalized seaside promenade and pier.

Karl Johans gateLocals, TouristsZara, H&M, Aldo, Gina Tricot, Varner Group brandsMoods of Norway, G-StarNOK 18,000/sqm/pa60-4,000 sqm
BogstadveienLocalsH&M, Monsoon, Benetton, Zara, Moods of Norway, LacosteAldo, MQ, MarimekkoNOK 8,000/sqm60-1,500
AkersgataLocals, TouristsLouis Vuitton NOK 10,000150-300 sqm
ByportenMass marketG-Star, The Body Shop, Mexx, Lush, Benetton, BR Toys, Game StopNOK 4,00050-250
Oslo CityYoung, mass marketAccessorize, Bik Bok, Carlings, Clas Ohlson, H&M, Lindex, Vero ModaNOK 8,00050-400
Aker BryggeLocals, TouristsTiger of Sweden, Benetton, H&M, Gant, MCS Marlboro Classics, Ecco, Din Sko'TBCNOK 8,000/sqm50-5,000

Data as of August 2012

There are food and beverage outlets to suit all tastes and budgets in Oslo. Norway has some of the world’s finest chefs, and several of them are found in restaurant kitchens in Oslo. Norway’s Michelin rated restaurants are all situated in or near Oslo.

In the city centre Stortingsgatan, running parallel to Karl Johans gate, and both leading eastwards from the Royal Palace have a few restaurants and nightclubs, though most will be found in one of the side-streets either running directly from them, or parallel to them.

Other key areas are Grünerløkka, Aker Brygge, Solli Plass, Majorstuen and Grønland. Majorstuen is known for its vibrant downtown, especially its shopping and it is one of the city’s most stylish neighbourhoods. Holmenkollen, in addition to being a residential area in Oslo with its restaurants and other food & beverage outlets, has been a ski recreation area since the late 19th century, with its famous ski jumping hill (Holmenkollbakken).

Grønland is full of relatively cheap eating establishments, shops selling fabrics and jewellery, Indian and Pakistani sweet shops, cheap beer etc. Another budget dining area is Torggata (from Hausmanns gate south to Youngstorget).

Aside from the city centre, Aker Brygge, the waterfront located south of the city hall has outdoor restaurants and bars almost everywhere. During summer the area is very vibrant. It has become an established and popular destination for leisure and entertainment.

Independent food and beverage operators dominate the Oslo and indeed the Norwegian market, accounting for half of total turnover.

Aker BryggeTourist to high endMcDonald’s, Eataly Ristorante, Jensen's Biffhus, TGI Friday’s, Olivia, Beach Club, OndaN/A
City CentreFull rangeBrasserie France, Balthazar, Kaffebrenneriet, Bagel&JuiceN/A
GrünerløkkaYoung, trendyKaffebrenneriet, Trancher, San Leandro, Villa Paradiso, BuggesN/A
MajorstuenUsually quite wealthy, all kinds of agesThe Broker, Yaya's, Jacob Aall, United Bakeries, Kaffebrenneriet, Baker Hansen, Olivia, Lille Asia, Sushi&Wok, Nodee.N/A
GrønlandYoung, on a budgetVognmand Nilsen, Curries Grønland, Vann & Brød, Café con BarN/A
GrønlandWealthy, familiesHolmenkollen restaurant, Holmenkollen Park Hotell, Jonoe Sushi, United Bakeries.N/A
TorggataYoung, on a budgetInternasjonalen, Justisen, Revolver,Café SaraN/A

Data as of August 2012