Munich is one of the retail hot spots in Germany, which is unsurprising considering the affluent clientele in Munich and its surroundings. The purchasing power of Munich and regions such as Starnberger See are unmatched in Germany. Accordingly, Munich is in the focus of national and international retailers alike.

The city is often the first choice of international retailers when it comes to expanding into the German retail market. Good examples of such an approach are US retailer Forever 21 and Canadian retailer Lululemon who opened their first German stores in the Bavarian capital. Munich’s high street retailing is very much focused on the city’s CBD. In the vicinity of the world famous Frauenkirche and Viktualienmarkt shoppers can find everything from mass consumption to luxury goods.

Germany’s top high street is also located in Munich. The country’s most frequented prime pitch is Kaufinger Straße with some 12,100 pedestrians per hour on a Saturday followed by Neuhauser Straße with some 11,500 shoppers per hour.

Nine shopping centres with a total shopping mall GLA of 293,000 sq.m are located within the city’s boundaries, of which Fünf Höfe (16,600sq.m mall GLA) and Stachus-Passagen (26,900 sq.m mall GLA) are the only ones located in the CBD. The major centres such as Riem Arkaden (50,000sq.m), PEP (53,000sq.m) and Olympia Einkaufszentrum (60,000sq.m) are located outside the CBD.

Given Munich’s historic CBD and the fact that most streets are for pedestrians only, the shopping atmosphere is very relaxed and attractive. Local shoppers enjoy and value the CBD’s retail scene as much as visitors from abroad.


Cushman & Wakefield Inc, Munich

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Kaufinger Straße and Marienplatz: 48.137830, 11.573120
Maximilianstraße: 48.138805, 11.581060
Gärtnerplatz: 48.130327, 11.573959
SENDLINGER STRAßE AND ROSENSTRAßE : 48.135202, 11.570144
THEATINERSTRAßE AND WEINSTRAßE: 48.139467, 11.575325
LEOPOLDSTRAßE - SCHWABING: 48.168418, 11.586136
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Theatinerstraße and Weinstraße

Weinstraße is the unifying element between the famous Marienplatz and Theatinerstraße. The street exhibits little fluctuation and demand from national and international retailers is high. Even more international retailers would like to locate a store in this upscale pitch. Munich’s prime shopping centre Fünf Höfe is located in Theatinerstraße. It is also one of the few centres located in the CBD. A number of prime retail concepts are located in this part of Munich’s retail landscape e.g. TAG Heuer, Robbe&Berking and Michael Kors.
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Residenzstraße, Perusastraße and Dienerstraße

Premium and luxury retailers characterize the retail landscape in Residenzstraße, Perusastraße and Dienerstraße. As the location is linked to one of the city’s famous tourist attractions, the Bavarian State Opera House, it has a comparatively high footfall. Luxury retailers located in the area include Prada, Tiffany&Co and Burberry.
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Maximilianstraße is considered Germany’s most sought-after luxury retail location. Over recent years, demand from luxury retailers has been very strong. With supply limited, prime rents are at a comparatively high level and among the highest paid for shops in Munich’s top high streets.
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Leopoldstraße / Schwabing

Apart from the CBD, Munich has only a limited number of attractive high-street retailing stretches. One good example is the retail concentration along Leopoldstraße, located in Munich’s famous Schwabing submarket. Numerous street cafés and boutiques are typical here. Street life is laid back and upscale. The truth of the saying that “Munich is located in northern Italy” manifests itself in Leopoldstraße.
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Another developing retail area outside the CBD - although located very close to it - is the submarket around Gärtnerplatz. Young designers favour this location due to lower rents and better availability of retail space. The overall atmosphere is creative, youthful and urban. Many shops are run by owner occupiers.
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Kaufinger Straße and Marienplatz

Kaufinger Straße and the adjoining Marienplatz is one of Germany’s most frequented prime retail locations. The focus in the pedestrianised street is on youth fashion and mass consumption with major department stores and national and international retailers in the medium-price segment. Tenants located in Kaufinger Straße include Forever21, New Yorker, Zara and Swatch.
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Sendlinger Straße

With the refurbishment of the former downtown offices of Süddeutscher Verlag, Sendlinger Straße has regained its former attractiveness. The "Hofstatt" project was completed in 2013. New entries to this location are retailers such as Supdery and Mirani.

In Munich there are nine shopping centres, thereof only Fünf Höfe and Stachus Passagen are located in the central business district. Compared to other large cities and relative to its population and its importance as a retail location, Munich has a small number of shopping centres. The major centres such as the Riem Arkaden, PEP and Olympia Einkaufszentrum are located outside the CBD.

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FÜNF HÖFE: 48.140451, 11.574961
OLYMPIA CENTRUM: 48.175465, 11.551797
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Fünf Höfe

The comparatively small Fünf Höfe shopping centre with a mall GLA of 16,600sq.m is one of the most upscale in Germany and consists of several buildings arranged around five courtyards. Fünf Höfe was completed in 2003 and features stunning architecture. There are more than 60 shop units and countless cafés and bars. The latest addition to the gastronomy scene in Fünf Höfe is Emporio Armani Caffé. Premium tenants are: Boggi Milano, Lagerfeld, Longchamp, St.Emile, Niessing and S.Baumeister.
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The Olympia shopping centre is located in the north of Munich in close proximity to the famous Olympiapark. After the refurbishment and the extension in 2002 the centre contains 136 shops on 56,000 sq.m. mall GLA. Anchor tenants are Kaufhof, Karstadt, Wöhrl, C&A, Apple, Zara and H&M.

Kaufingerstraße and Ma-rienplatzMid MarketHirmer, C&W , H&M, Zara, New Yorker Wormland, Swatch Reserved315100 - 1,000
Neuhauser Straße Mid MarketKarstadt Oberpollinger, Forever21, Sportscheck, Mango, Saturn, Swarovski, Desigual, Snipes295100-1,500
Sendlinger Straße and RosenstraßeMid MarketApple, Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch , Calvin Klein, Schuster Sporthaus, The North FaceSuperdry, Hallhuber, Mirani145100 - 600
Theatiner Straße/ Wein-straße Premium MarketEckerle Herrenmode, Airfield, René Lezard, Cos, Tommy Hilfiger, H&M Lacoste, Twin-Set, Talbot Runhof225100 - 400
Residenzstraße, Pe-rusastraße and DienerstraßePremium MarketMax Dietl Haute Couture, Bogner, Prada, Burberry, Windsor, NavybootHogan180100 - 400
Maximilianstraße Germany’s most sought-after luxury location Dolce&Gabbana, Valentino, Hermès, Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Dior 240100 - 400

Data as of August 2015

Munich’s food and beverage landscape is well-known across the globe for its famous beer gardens, its Hofbräuhaus, its local breweries and its restaurants serving typical Bavarian dishes.

Apart from this unique local restaurant scene, Munich is home to eleven restaurants which have been awarded at least one Michelin star. Tantris by Hans Haas, Restaurant Dallmayr by Diethard Urbansky and Esszimmer by Bobby Bräuer, which have been awarded two Michelin stars. Whereas the latter is located in BMW World at Olympiapark, Tantris and Restaurant Dallmayr are located in the renowned Schwabing submarket in the heart of the CBD.

Just as in any other of Germany’s top cities, Munich’s restaurant scene is diverse: from grilled Emu to vegan dishes, from Bavarian Sauerkraut and Bratwurst to gala dinners in one of the city’s high quality gourmet temples.

Munich is well-known for its various street cafés which give the city a Mediterranean flair in summer. Whereas these cafés are mostly owner-occupied, the number of chain operated cafés such as Starbucks is constantly rising. Among the most popular are Coffee Fellows, San Francisco Coffee, Deli Star Bagel & Coffee and Black Bean.

Next to the Germany-wide operations of restaurant chains Block House, Maredo, Vapiano and Osteria Munich has seen a rise in local chain concepts with various restaurants across the city. Popular amongst these are Kaimug, gast [open kitchen], ocui [open cuisine] and le copain.

The number of International food and beverage operators is limited in Munich. However, among these are McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks.

Englischer Garten Famous and popular leisure area. The park is highly frequented by locals and tourists. The restaurant landscape is dominated by restaurants serving traditional Bavarian dishes. Seehaus im Englischen Garten, Milchhäusl, Hirschau, Mini-Hofbräuhaus, Hirschau Zum Aumeister, Osterwaldgarten, Restaurant und Biergarten am Chinesischen Turm, P1
Marienplatz Historical square in front of the city hall. The square is located in the very heart of Munich. Various Cafés and restaurants attract locals and tourists alike. Wirtshaus zur Weiß-blauen Rose, Ratskeller, Café am Marienplatz, Café Glockenspiel, Woerner’s
Gärtnerplatz Urban, trendy area. Many cafés are located in this vibrant neighbourhood. Cotidiano - The Bakery Restaurant, Gärtnerplatz Alm, del fiore officine alimentary, Le Pain Quotidien, Kochspielhaus
Leopoldstraße / Belgradstraße / Kurfürstenstraße Located in Munich’s affluent and famous Schwabing city district, the variety of restaurants and bars is impressive. Tantris, Geisels Werneckhof, M Belleville, Tem Thai Cooking, Blue Mediterrano, Da Angelo

Data as of August 2015

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