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The capital city of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, commonly known as Luxembourg, lies at the heart of Western Europe, between Brussels, Paris, and Frankfurt.

Luxembourg boasts the reputation of being one of the world’s major financial hubs. The city has developed into a banking and administrative centre. It is the seat of several institutions of the European Union, including the European Court of Justice, the European Court of Auditors and the European Investment Bank.

Its multilingual hospitality, safe environment and high quality of living make it an appealing destination. Although of a modest
size and population, Luxembourg radiates among its neighbouring cities, growing in economic and cultural importance each year, thus attracting more residents, commuters and shoppers.

The Luxembourg high street retail market is typically split into two areas: Grand Rue / Rue Philippe II, and the Station district. Luxembourg also features the two largest shopping centers in the country: Belle Etoile and City Concorde. Retail parks are to be found at the edge of the municipality, mainly in Strassen and Howald.

Confirming its record-high degree of economic openness, Luxembourg welcomes a large proportion of international retailers. For example, more than half of the retail units on Grand Rue are occupied by foreign retailers.

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GRAND RUE: 49.612066, 6.128915
Avenue de la Gare : 49.603026, 6.133024
Auchan Kirchberg: 49.633181, 6.169437
Cactus Belle Etoile: 49.622005, 6.050886
Cora City Concorde: 49.600960, 6.065698
Esch-sur-Alzette: 49.500881, 5.986093
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The Grand-Rue is Luxembourg’s prime retail high street. This pedestrian street is lined with upper class boutiques selling clothing and specialty items. Crossing the Grand Rue, the Rue Philippe II is also gaining more and more influence on the high street retail scene in Luxembourg. High-end luxury retailers tend to favor this street for their new points of sale.
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Avenue de la Gare

The Station district offers a more popular range of goods, as its catchment is also more diversified in terms of nationalities and purchase power.
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Auchan Kirchberg

This retail zone, anchored with an Auchan hypermarket, is located at the heart of the Kirchberg district, which is the most modern office district of Luxembourg. Consequently, its typical customer profile is high-revenue, white-collar employees.
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Cactus Belle Etoile

Currently the biggest shopping center of Luxembourg, built around a Cactus hypermarket, it was expanded in 2013. It is a mall catering mainly to families and older visitors.
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Luxembourg’s second city with a total of 33,000 inhabitants, Esch-sur-Alzette shows a more local and popular retail flavor with its dynamic Rue de l’Alzette. A new 15,000 sq.m shopping center, Belval Plaza II, is also located out of town.
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Cora City Concorde

The second largest shopping center in terms of GLA, City Concorde mainly attracts Luxembourger residents. From its customer and retail profile, it could be described as the most upscale shopping center in Luxembourg. Like its two main competitors, this mall is anchored by a hypermarket (Cora).

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City Concorde: 49.601022, 6.065797
La Belle Etoile: 49.623555, 6.050410
Belval Plaza: 49.501297, 5.944970
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City Concorde

City Concorde is the second-largest and joint-oldest shopping center in Luxembourg. A strong presence along the Route de Longwy, City Concorde’s 47,000 sq.m is home to mid- to high-end retailers including Descamps, Jack Wolfskin, Lacoste, and Swarovski. The route east of the shopping center towards Belair is dotted with large, out of town retail developments, while the route in the other direction is largely undeveloped. City Concorde is located just five kilometres west from Luxembourg’s city center, with general access to the CBD provided by Route de Longwy. A 7,000 sq.m extension to the shopping center is expected in 2018.
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Belval Plaza

Within the Luxembourg municipality is Auchan Luxembourg, a 23,000 sq.m shopping center in the Kirchberg district. This is a highly-developed area with corporate, public, and EU offices; a convention center; and some residences in the immediate vicinity. Auchan-Luxembourg opened its doors in 1996 and offers a typical range of retail and food stores and services anchored by an Auchan hypermarket.
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La Belle Etoile

La Belle Etoile in Strassen occupies a prime location along Route d’Arlon, a well-developed commercial thoroughfare offering desireable retail and office space. Built in 1974, it is the same age as City Concorde and saw a 15,000 sq.m expansion in 2013 to its originial 35,000 sq.m. The tenant mix is varied but not quite as upscale as City Concorde. There are two interchanges nearby providing easy access to A6, approximately two kilometers to the east and four kilometers to the west.

Grand RueTourists, local and regional shoppers H&M, Max MaraMAC Cosmetics, Longchamp, Nespresso€ 325 000 / year40-2 000 sqm
Rue Philippe IITourists, local and regional shoppers Gucci, HermèsEric Bompard€ 300 000 / year50-400 sqm
Avenue de la GareLocal and regional shoppers Saturn, Veritas, Okaidi, WETiffosi, Ulla Popken€ 170 000 / year30-2 500 sqm
Cactus Belle EtoileLocal shoppersFreelanders, Benetton, Ernster, VedetteIntimissimi€ 190 000 / year60-2 000 sqm
Auchan KirchbergLocal shoppers, white collarsMango, Zara, Guess, Oberweis, Bigor€ 265 000 / year40-2 000 sqm
Cora City ConcordeLocal shoppersBram, Oberweis, Kaas, Lacoste, DescampsRiver Woods, Eureka Kids € 150 000 / year50-3 000 sqm
Esch-sur-AlzetteLocal shoppersFoot Locker, Promod, Jennyfer, GuessTiffosi€ 100 000 / year50-1 500 sqm

Data as of September 2015

Luxembourg’s dining culture has German roots, but is increasingly more global and fusion, as its population has become more cosmopolitan over the years. Relatively large Portuguese and French populations also impact Luxembourg’s gastronomy.

The Place d’Armes in the Centre of Luxembourg City offers a classic and casual range of restaurants, from fast-food to business lunch places. It is also a must-see in a tourist city trip.

In the lower town along the river Alzette, and built on the industrial site of the former breweries Mousel and Clausen, Les Rives de Clausen has become the place to be in town. This local hot spot is earning a reputation for its lively evening atmosphere and hospitality.

While some breweries have closed up shop over the years, several brewers young and old call Luxembourg home. Big Beer Company has taken over the old Mousel address, while Diekirch is operated by ABinBev. A start-up called Capital City Brewing has been making waves recently. Running contrary to the long-term trend of declining beer production is the popularity of micro-brews and beer pubs, many of which can be found in local night spots.

Suburbs of Clausen and Grund are also a focus of Luxembourg’s nightlife, with many English and Irish pubs. Rue de Hollerich is also a part of the thriving food and beverage offer, with some of the trendiest bars in town.

Place d’ArmesLocal business density, TouristsOnly independent operators€ 125 000 / year
Rives de ClausenLocal & international trendy Only independent operators€ 100 000 / year

Data as of September 2015

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Head of Luxembourg Retail Agency
287-289 Route d’Arlon
L-1150 Luxembourg
Tel: 352 27 21 33