LilleLocated in Northern France with the Belgian border only 3 km away, Lille is the fifth metropolitan area in France behind Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Toulouse with just over 1 million inhabitants. Close to some of the major European decision-making centres that include Brussels, London and Amsterdam thanks to the development of a high-speed rail network in the 1990s, Lille is also at the heart of one of Europe’s wealthiest regions.

Historically dominated by large firms in the manufacturing-distribution sector, the Lille region is also the birthplace of several leading French retailers in several activity sectors that include Auchan, Boulanger, Décathlon or Leroy-Merlin.

Benefiting from a wide catchment area, Lille is one of the most vigorous retail scenes in France, with its prominent retail zone located in the old town and the city’s pedestrian district, a major tourist destination benefitting from its nice and preserved architectural heritage and a vibrant cultural life boosted by the host of events such as Lille 2004 and Lille 3000. The centre of Lille also boasts a few shopping centres including Les Tanneurs and Le 31, both developed in the 2000s. A few minutes away from the city’s old town is Euralille, the third business district in France behind La Défense and Lyon Part-Dieu which accommodates one of France’s most renowned shopping centres and a key target for international retailers. Finally, the outskirts accommodate several highly accessible major retail hubs including Les Géants in Englos and V2 in Villeneuve d’Asq.

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RUE DES CHATS BOSSUS: 50.639626, 3.064186
RUE DE LA GRANDE CHAUSSÉE : 50.638619, 3.063965
RUE ESQUERMOISE: 50.638137, 3.061138
RUE DE BETHUNE / RUE NEUVE: 50.634276, 3.063729
LE 31/ LES TANNEURS SHOPPING CENTRES : 50.635286, 3.066857
EURALILLE: 50.637675, 3.074171
RUE FAIDHERBE: 50.630796, 3.112534
V2: 50.618021, 3.130823
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Located in the heart of Lille’s old town, Rue des Chats Bossus is home to middle to high-range fashion retailers such as De Fursac and Hugo Boss. Recent moves include the leasing of n°13 by French fashion designer brand Zadig & Voltaire.
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Running into Rue des Chats Bossus, Rue de la Grande Chaussée is Lille’s hottest destination for up-market retailers, including world-renowned luxury brands (e. g. Hermès and Louis Vuitton), retailers in the jewelry sectors (e. g. Mauboussin and Swarovski) and trendy French fashion retailers (e. g. Maje, The Kooples and Claudie Pierlot).
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Rue Esquermoise is another key retail location in Lille’s old town. A traditional hub for restaurants and food retailers where Nespresso recently set up a flagship, Rue Esquermoise is renowned for the Flemish waffles on sale at Meert patisserie. The street is also a hot spot for retailers in the household equipment sector with famous brands including Habitat and Roche Bobois.
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Located in the city’s pedestrian area, Rue de Béthune and Rue Neuve are the main retail hubs in the centre of Lille. Anchored by Zara, H&M, Benetton and UGC cinemas, Rue de Béthune provides consumers - young adults in particular - with several international brands in the fast-fashion sector such as H&M, Zara and Mango. Rue de Béthune runs into Rue Neuve, another pedestrian street benefiting from important influx of tourists and local residents alike and accommodating several international mass-market fashion retailers.
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Rue Faidherbe, a traditional crossing place, is a strategic axis linking the commercial heart of Old Lille to the Euralille district and city stations (Lille Flandres, Lille Europe). This street has recently witnessed the introduction of some prominent national chains (La Grande Récré) and international (Apple, Costa Coffee) illustrating the dynamism of the artery and confirming its recent take in the upmarket direction.
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Located a few minutes’ walk away from Lille historical district, Euralille is one of the largest shopping centres in the provinces, totalling 70,000 sq. m. and hosting 13 million visitors annually. Developed in the mid-1990s, together with the new high speed railway station and thus located in its direct vicinity, Euralille shopping centre is one of the key elements of a massive urban project designed by star architect Rem Koolhas to provide the lille metropolitan area with a major business district, the third largest in France after La Défense (Paris) and La Part-Dieu (Lyon). Anchored by Carrefour, Go Sport or H&M, Euralille accommodates over 120 stores nearly half of which are mass-market fashion retailers.
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Located in Villeneuve d’Asq, a new town developed in the 1960s, V2 opened in 1977 and is now one of the main retail hubs of the Lille conurbation. Easily accessible by public transportation, this 60,000 sq. m. shopping centre hosts over 10 million visitors annually. Anchored by Auchan, H&M and Zara, V2 boasts over 130 stores in a wide range of activity sectors.
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Le 31, Les Tanneurs and Grand’Place are among Lille key retail destinations. Those shopping centres and galleries are located in the city’s pedestrian area and in the direct vicinity of Rue de Béthune/Rue Neuve retail hub. Located on Rue de Béthune and open since 2007, le 31 is a 22,000 sq. m shopping centre comprising a few medium-size stores such as Darty. Anchored by several international retailers in several activity sectors (e. g. Fnac, C&A and Monoprix), Les Tanneurs and Grand’Place form a shopping centre of over 25,000 sq. m.

Rue des Chats BossusMid- to upper-range Tourists, Local residentsHugo Boss, Aigle, Petit Bateau, Massimo Dutti, De Fursac, Zadig & Voltaire1,500-1,800Up to 200
Rue de la Grande ChausséeMid- to upper-range Tourists, Local residentsHermes, Swarovski, Comptoir des Cotonniers, Louis Vuitton, The Kooples, Lacoste, Maje, Mauboussin, Repetto, La Perla, Claudie Pierlot Heschung, The Kooples1,500-1,800Up to 200
Rue EsquermoiseMid- to upper-range Tourists, Local residentsHabitat, Roche Bobois, Madura, Nespresso1,400-1,700Up to 500
Rue de Bethune/Rue Neuve Mass-market Tourists, Local residentsMango, Coolcat, Zara, H&M, Camaïeu, Levi’s store, Benetton, UGC cinemas, Armand Thierry, Etam, Promod, Kiko, Undiz, Andre, L’Occitane en Provence, Calzedonia, Celio, Gap, Jules, StradivariusIntimissimi1,600-1,800Up to 500
Rue FaidherbeMid- to upper-range Tourists, local residentsAndré, Bio C’ Bon, Nicolas, Eram, The KaseApple, La Grande Récré, Costa Coffee1,200-1,500Up to 1,500
Le 31Mass-market Local residentsDarty, Desigual1,400-1,700All sizes
Les TanneursMass-market Local residentsMonoprix, FNAC, Jouéclub, C&A, Maisons du monde, Aubert, Armand Thierry, 1,000-1,200All sizes
Grand Place SCMass-market local residentsQuicksilver, Nature & Découvertes, NocibeAll sizes
V2Mass-market local residentsAuchan, H&M, Zara, Le Furet du Nord, C&A, Maisons du Monde, Bershka, Esprit, Jules, Calzedonia, Mango, Swarovski, The Body ShopThe Kase, Little Marcel1,000-1,200All sizes
EuralilleMass-market local residentsCarrefour, Go Sport, H&M, Jennyfer, Jules, Bershka, Desigual, Mango, Sephora, New Look, Stradivarius, Undiz, Zara, New Yorker, Nature et Découvertes, Foot Locker, Lego, Kiko, The Body ShopHollister, Hema, Burger King1,500-1,700All sizes

Data as of June 2015. High street prime rental values are quoted in €/sq. m./year Zone A.

Lille’s food specialties reflect the combined influence of French and Flemish culture. Waterzooï (a stew made of fish or meat) and waffles are among Lille’s most famous dishes. Meals are generally enjoyed with an artisanal beer brewed in the region, characterized by a strong taste and high alcohol concentration.

Lille’s old town is the most popular destination, hosting plenty of trendy traditional or modern restaurants such as Clément Marot.

A former working class district undergoing gentrification, Wazemmes is locally famous for its industrial heritage and its vibrant cultural scene. Located a few minutes’ walk away from the Old town, Wazemmes boats many restaurants serving food from abroad as well as local specialties.

Lille’s Old Town/City centreLocal residents, tourists Clément Marot, L’Huîtrière, L’Assiette du Marché, Brasserie de la Paix, Aux MoulesN/A
Wazemmes Local residentsLa Part des AngesN/A

Data as of June 2015

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