EindhovenEindhoven is the fifth largest city in the Netherlands and a municipality that is located in the south of the Netherlands, in the province Noord-Brabant. Although not being the capital of the province, the city is the largest city of the province. Outside of the four major cities Eindhoven is considered as an important city for retail, alike cities such as Maastricht, Groningen and Den Bosch.

Consumers in a ten kilometre radius are mostly focused on Eindhoven, although the city has some competition from the relatively nearby located city Den Bosch that benefits from its historic city centre. Nonetheless, Eindhoven is considered as a more important retail centre than Den Bosch as a result of the larger number of well-known (inter)national retailers that are present in its market.

Main occupiers in the city centre include among others department stores de Bijenkorf and V&D as well as well-known international brands such as Zara and Primark. Furthermore, there are several occupiers in the fashion industry and some specialty stores that are important for the city centre as well. The city centre has a good tenant mix; both national and international retailers as well as well-known independent retailers are present. The most important traditional shopping streets are the Demer and Rechtestraat. Furthermore, the city centre of Eindhoven also houses two shopping centres: Piazza Center and Heuvel are both roofed shopping centres in the centre of the city.

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DEMER: 51.441138, 5.476836
HEUVEL: 51.438124, 5.481314
RECHTESTRAAT: 51.438324, 5.478427
PIAZZA CENTER: 51.441799, 5.476188
KLEINE BERG: 51.436655, 5.474943
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Demer is the most important shopping street in Eindhoven housing various national- and international retailers. A major part of the shopping street was destroyed during the second world war and as a results the street is characterized by buildings from the 1950´s. Furthermore, as a result of more recent construction work ((re)development), there are also some buildings with a more contemporary lay-out in the street. Among others The Sting, C&A, Pull & Bear, Blokker, ICI Paris XL and Garcia Jeans are present in this street. On Tuesday, a part of the Demer and 18 Septemberplein are used for the weekly market.
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Besides shopping centre Piazza, the fully roofed shopping centre Heuvel is located in the city centre of Eindhoven as well. This shopping centre currently undergoes a revitalization and is centrally located within the main shopping area of the city. Retailers present in the shopping centre include among others Jack & Jones, H&M, Hugo Boss and Douglas. Heuvel is located on one of Eindhoven´s main squares for food & beverage and leisure practices. Besides the food & beverage operators on the square, the main entrance of the Frits Philips Music Centre (part of the shopping centre) is located on the square as well.
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Rechtestraat is an extension of the Demer and is characterized because of department store V&D being located at the junction where Demer becomes Rechtestraat. Although this street is less important than the Demer, as a result of the lower footfall, the Rechtestraat is larger in the number of present retailers. Some key tenants include among others Bershka, Mango, Hema and JD Sports.
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The shopping centre Piazza Center is a fully roofed shopping centre and is located at the 18 September plein, close to the railway station. The Piazza Center was reopened in 2005 after a major redevelopment. Nowadays main tenants of the shopping centre include Zara, H&M, ICI Paris XL and Esprit, while the well-known department store de Bijenkorf is located opposite of the shopping centre.
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The Kleine Berg is the niche area of Eindhoven and accomodates some high-end fashion retailers as well as restaurants and bars. Retailers such as Vanilia, Meisjes van Blauw and Mensroom are located here. This area is mostly popular for locals, although domestic tourists have found their way to this area of the centre as well.

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Heuvel: 51.439658, 5.479437
Piazza Center: 51.441799, 5.476188
Woensel XL: 51.470086, 5.475288
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Next to shopping centre Piazza Center the city centre of Eindhoven holds another shopping centre. Shopping centre Heuvel has a GLA of approximately 25,000 sq.m and is located at one of the most important squares of the city for food & beverage and leisure purposes. Among others the shopping centre houses retailers such as H&M (currently expanded to 3,300 sq.m) and Hugo Boss. Furthermore, the shopping centre is well-known for housing a casino and a music centre (Frits Philips Muziek Centrum). As a result the shopping centre has always had an important function in the centre of the city.
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Piazza Center

The shopping centre Piazza Center (31,000 sq.m) is located at the 18 September plein, close to the railway station. The Piazza was reopened in 2005 after a major redevelopment. Nowadays main tenants include Zara, H&M, ICI Paris XL and Esprit while the well-known Dutch department store de Bijenkorf is located opposite of the shopping centre. The 18 September plein connects the Piazza to the Demer and therefore records high footfall levels.
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Woensel XL

The partly covered shopping centre Woensel XL (30,430 sq.m) is located in the north of Eindhoven in the district Woensel. The shopping centre houses various retailers in daily- and non-daily goods. The supermarkets Albert Heijn, Aldi, Lidl and Jumbo are situated here, giving the centre an important food anchor. Furthermore, retailers such as Hema, H&M, WE, C&A and Blokker are present in the shopping centre.

DemerLocals/TouristsC&A, The Sting, Blokker, Pull&Bear, We Men, Etos, Douglas, Ici Paris XL, Miss Etam, DolcisLola Liza, Jeans Centre (relocated)EUR 1,000 - EUR 1,35050 - 1,000 sq,m
Shopping Center PiazzaLocals/Touristsde Bijenkorf, H&M, Perry, Zara, WE Store, Esprit, Ici Paris XL-EUR 350 - EUR 1,10050 - 1,000 sq,m
RechtestraatLocals/TouristsHema, Xenos, Coolcat, Bershka, Kruidvat, Tommy Hilfiger, Vero Moda, DurlingerSnipes, expansion of MangoEUR 500 - EUR 1,25050 - 1,000 sq,m
Shopping Centre HeuvelLocals/TouristsH&M, Intertoys, HoutBrox, Hugo Boss, Miss Etam, Costes, Gerry Weber, AmacExpansion H&M, PaprikaEUR 225 - EUR 67550 - 1,000 sq,m
Hermanus BoexstraatLocals/TouristsPrimark (2013), KPN, Eye Wish GroeneveldPrimarkEUR 400 - EUR 600/sq.m/year50 - 1,000 sq,m

Data as of April 2015

The Markt is the centre of the city centre and is focused on food, since various restaurants and cafés are located here. Next to shopping centre Heuvel are four restaurants with large terrasses that cover the main part of the Markt in summers. Besides the restaurants two fastfood restaurants, McDonalds and KFC, are situated at the Markt as well.

The Dommelstraat is located in the city centre of Eindhoven, just outside of the main shopping area yet next to the railway station. The Dommelstraat is fully occupied by restaurants and cafés. The restaurants vary in price range, though the more expensive restaurants are located in other areas. Furthermore, the largest cinema of Eindhoven is located in this street.

The Kleine Berg is well-known as a more niche area and covers a mix of fashion and restaurants and cafés. The street houses restaurants in the higher end of the market and is therefore attractive for young professionals. Because of its location just outside of the main shopping area, this f&b area has quite a cosy feel, which makes it an attractive area for both locals and tourists.

The Wilhelminaplein is a square that is also located outside of the main shopping area of Eindhoven. Compared to other food & beverage areas the Wilhelminaplein is relatively small and mostly visited by locals.

The Stratumseind is the largest pub street in the Netherlands and is therefore a well-known area. The area is focused at bars and as a result it is mostly popular on Thurday, Friday and Saturday evenings / nights. However, at Stratumseind as well as in the direct vicinity of the street there is an increasing number of restaurants.

MarktLocals/TouristsQueens, de Vooruitgang, de WildemanEUR 250 - EUR 350
DommelstraatLocals/TouristsIlios, Dommel 18, Si Senor, the Trafalgar Pub, Lounge 8, het SpiegelbeeldEUR 250 - EUR 350
Kleine BergLocals/TouristsSpoon, Mangiare, KB23, Kreeftenbar, Wiesen, Berlage, PaniniEUR 200 - 300
WilhelminapleinLocalsAuberge Nassau, The Prince, De Gaper, Boon, Mi Dica Cucina ItalianaEUR 200 - 300
StratumseindLocals/TouristsThomas, Spijker, Lempke, de Rechtbank, KitschEUR 200 - 300

Data as of April 2015

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