CologneCologne (Köln) is Germany’s fourth largest city with 1.07 million inhabitants, located on the Rhine, south of Dusseldorf. Cologne has become more than a tourism hot-spot in recent years. It is also a major business location within Germany. Together with Berlin Cologne is one of Germany’s most important media locations. Ten broadcasting companies are currently located in Cologne and 8.2% of the nearly 506,000 employees were working in media and IT sector. Other strong pillars of the city’s economy are the automotive industry and insurance companies. One of the largest employers in Cologne is Deutz AG.

Last year more than twice as many tourists visited Cologne as there are inhabitants with Cologne Cathedral a renowned attraction. The city’s international airport has become one of Europe’s leading low-cost carrier hubs.

In 2013 some 3million tourists visited Cologne, which is almost three times the number of inhabitants. Renowned Cologne Cathedral is perhaps Germany’s most visited tourist attraction. The city’s international airport has become one of Europe’s leading low-cost carrier hubs.

Cologne has one of the most mature and most-visited retail markets in Germany. The city has a historically-developed ring infrastructure, with the main retail offer on the left bank of the river Rhine. Although the number of inhabitants in the city is low relative to other top locations, Cologne’s large catchment area is the main factor underpinning the city’s retail attractiveness. Cologne’s retail related purchasing power index is above average, recorded at 107.2 in 2013. Cologne’s high-street retailing is focused in the city’s CBD. Close to the world-famous Cologne Cathedral, shoppers are offered department stores as well as designer boutiques.



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SCHILDERGASSE: 50.936387, 6.952124
HOHE STRAßE: 50.937466, 6.956266
MITTELSTRAßE/NEUMARKT: 50.936948, 6.942992
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Schildergasse the absolute prime location in Cologne and has one of the highest retail footfall figures in Germany. More than 10,000 shoppers are likely to pass on a Saturday within one hour. Retailers cater to the medium-priced segment and focus on mass consumption. Various large-scale retail stores such as Anson’s, C&A and Galeria Kaufhof are located here. The fluctuation of retailers at Schildergasse is extremely low.
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Adjacent to Schildergasse is Hohe Straße, which also shows very high retail chain penetration targeting younger shoppers and as well one of the top addreses in terms of registering an outstanding footfall. Most shops in this narrow street are very small.
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Mittelstraße has turned into a high quality location. However, lower footfall is recorded in this retail area. Most of Mittelsraße is accessible by car; only the stretch around St. Apostel church is pedestrianised. The latest entrant to Mittelstraße is Massimo Dutti.

Adjacent to Mittelstraße is Cologne’s Neumarkt. Neumarkt is home to Neumarkt-Galerie with Irish fashion Retailer Primark as anchor tenant since 2013.

Of the eight shopping centres in Cologne, four are located in the city centre: DuMont Carré, Neumarkt Galerie, Colonaden at Cologne central station and Opern Passagen. All of these were opened between 1998 and 2001 and their sizes range from 16,500 sqm to 24,400 sqm GLA.

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KÖLN ARCADEN: 50.937922, 6.997940
NEUMARKT GALERIE: 50.936572, 6.948354
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While Cologne’s main high streets are located left of the river Rhine and around Clologne Cathedral, Köln Arcaden scheme is the retail hot-spot on the right river side. The shopping centre is providing some 53,000 sq.m of total gla and is the city’s largest and youngest development. Among the 113 shops are common retailers such as H&M, Benetton and Esprit.
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Of the four shopping centres in Cologne’s CBD Neumarkt Galerie has the most recognition value presenting an individual facade design with a huge ice-cream cornet on the roof. In winter 2013 the shopping centre has been bought by Deka Immobilien. The latest entrance to Neumarkt Galerie is Primark with approximately 9,000 sq.m of retail sales area.

SchildergasseMid market Esprit, Tommy Hilfinger, Benetton, Mexx, Adidas, C&A, Peek & Cloppenburg, Orsay, Marc O’Polo, Gerry Weber, H&M290/sq.m/month50-20,000
Hohe StraßeMid market &A, Kaufhof, Esprit, Media Markt, Mexx, H&M, New Yorker, Swatch, Zara, Hallhuber, Benetton, s.Oliver, Thomas SaboOffice London240 /sq.m/month50-20,000
Mittelstraße/NeumarktMid market Lacoste, Strenesse, Bellybutton,Marc Cain, Princess tam tam, Gant, Brigitte von Boch, Repeat, TK MaxxPrimark90/140 /sq.m/month50-5,000
Breite Straße/EhrenstraßeMid market / new ambitious location&M, Esprit, K-Town, Eterna, Zara, Diesel, American Apparel, Adidas, Levi’s, Replay, Cocinelle, BarbourUrban Outfitters80/115 /sq.m/month50-20,000

Data as of June 2014

Some 2.96 million visitors per year (2013) have an influence on the gastronomy in Cologne and the city is home to a balanced mix of traditional, modern and international offers. In the historic centre of the city, and particularly the streets between Cologne Cathedral and the River Rhine, there is a wide range of restaurants. In the area of Alter Markt the food landscape has a number of smaller and larger cafés, while the strip southwards from Cologne’s Fischmarkt at the Riverside is a popular location for breweries offering German food and the famous “Kölsch” Beer. In the Heumarkt area the gastro scene is a melting pot of Italian cuisine, tapas Bars, fast food and traditional restaurants.

As the Rheinish culture is famous for its carnival in late winter, the historic city center is extremely busy during this period. However, proximity to the riverside ensures that this part of the CBD  is busy throughout the year.

Cologne’s gastro landscape has always been multifaceted. Typical for the city and the German gastronomy scene in general is the high share of owner occupied restaurants. Nevertheless a city like Cologne also has a high density of well-known chain restaurants, particularly in the midmarket retail areas with major franchise chains such as McDonalds, Burger King, Maredo, Dunkin’ Donuts, Nordsee, Vapiano and Subway all represented.

At the other end of the spectrum seven restaurants in Cologne currently holding at least one Michelin star. In 2014 restaurant Le Moissonnier was granted two stars by Guide Michelin. Restaurants located in Cologne’s city centre and holding one Michelin star are Alfredo, taku and La poêle d’or, all three located close to Cologne Cathedral. The area around Zülpicher Straße is a popular location for students, but also home to star awarded restaurant La Société. Another restaurant holding a Michelin star is Maître im Landhaus Kuckuck, located in the city district Müngersdorf.

Historic CBD/ AltstadtTourists, LocalsGaffel-Haus, Hard Rock Cafe, Cölner Hofbräu, Brauhaus Sion, XII Apostel, , Café Extrablatt, Ständige Vertretung, Das kleine Stapelhaus, Bierhaus am Rhein, HaxenhausN/A
CBD GeneralTourists, LocalsVapiano, KFC, Mc Donalds, Burger King, Maredo, Nordsee, SubwayN/A
Domkloster/WallraffplatzTourists, LocalsLa poêle d’or, taku, Alfredo, Farmer’s Steakhouse, Campi, Brauhauskeller, Hanse Stube, , Alter WartesaalN/A
Zülpicher Straße/KyffhäuserstraßeLocalsMango, La Société, Aleppo, Al SetaccioN/A

Data as of June 2014

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