About Global Cities Retail Guide

C&W’s Global Guide for Retail and Food & Beverage Property Professionals


As the internationalization of the retail and food & beverage sectors continues to accelerate, C&W has been tracking developments across the globe. In our Global Cities Retail Guide, you’ll find overviews of more than 160 locations spanning 50 countries.

While global consumer habits may be converging, global markets themselves are still characterized by many differences. Retail formats, costs, legislation, marketing, planning constraints, opening hours, market-entry routes, and property tenure regulations are just a few. Not only does the Guide spell out these differences, you’ll find a range of crucial retail and consumer market indicators, foreign and domestic movers and shakers, and commentary on the prevailing retail scene—particularly in major shopping zones. You’ll also find key trends in each city, food & beverage offerings, and overviews of standard leasing terms.

The Global Cities Retail Guide is just a starting point. Contact us learn more about these and other retail locations around the globe.

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